Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tricks of the Trade.

A few crafty & thoughtful tricks to make any housewife smile. 
spend less time stressing over dripping wax on the cup cakes, 
& have more time to plan the perfect picnic for you, your
man, and your pet rabbit to enjoy together in central park!

old frame, new vanity tray!

no more toxic wax droplets ruining your Magnolia cupcakes! 

nibble safe packing "peanuts" for baby & bunny

granny's old napkin holder? 
use it to sort out going love letters and letters to pen pals!

lick, stir, repeat! 
stock up on free suckers at the bank before your BBQ!

don't get last nights dirt on tomorrows skirt!
put that hotel shower cap to use!

recently cut off all your hair and have no use for your flat iron?
it's a brand new sleek and handy iron!

not as exciting, but this towel rack does look 
elegant sporting cleaning supplies

the best for last! No more ugly pancakes, no more batter on the stove top!
I wouldn't suggest it with banana pancakes though.....
I have a feeling you would be disapointed

1 comment:

  1. the pancake batter one of my fav! going to try it out very soon <3