Saturday, July 24, 2010

locks of drama

No matter how much I dream to wake up one morning a 
spitting image of Betty Draper, it has yet to become a reality.

Try though I might, my hair struggles have taken me 
to all corners of the map but the "classic, mid-century, 
dotting wife, loving mother, fabulous meat loaf recipe" corner- 
that corner I have yet to find!

Maybe next hair cut I'll get it right.
The problem I think comes in when I think "edgy" is the answer 
and loose sight of my true "domestic & majestic" personality.

a time line of hair struggles....

Winona Rider in Beetlejuice?

Clay Aiken wearing hoops? 

growing it out to be prom queen

finally looking acceptable ....

......and it's ruined

now for some hair inspiration, 

maybe I'll get it right this time!

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