Sunday, June 20, 2010

Key to the City, locked & unlocked

Key to the City Project

Go to the heart of time square between 2pm and 4pm...closer to 2pm, the line gets pretty ruff!
CREATIVETIME & Paul Ramirez Jonas have partnered up to give EVERYONE a key to the city!
Keys will be available through June 27th and locks will be around the city until September 6th. 
Everything you need to know is in the little blue "passport book" given to you with your key.
Make sure you go with a friend, as you cannot bestow a key upon yourself.
If you take a picture of yourself at all 24 locks and email them in, you win a PRIZE!
Best of luck on this 5 borough scavenger hunt!

1. GW Bridge
(excuse the outfit, i did ride my bike there!)

2. St john the devine

3. coney island public library
(excuse the outfit, mermaid parade!)

4. metropolitan museum of art

5. whitney museum of art

19 to go......

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