Thursday, June 3, 2010

entering an era

new computer, a good thing unless the keyboard malfunctions again
new aspirations & multiple inspirations, and a new bunny rabbit named Sherpa.
new light, new season, new situation.
trying hard to be a true lady. truer than last season.
trying hard to stay in touch and stay employed.
taking care of the bunny the boy and myself, with love that is, i can't provide too far with a measly 10 hours a week at the wonderful 'urbaaaan'
writing letters. love stamps, aspca stamps, ocean life stamps, and 28 cent polar bears for post cards.
keeping it all together. goals goals goals, lists lists lists.
-rabbit training (begging for wheat thins, she knows- leash and harness is next)
-letter writing (being a good pen pal is a very telling sign of a lady)
-securing a more 'grown up' place of employment (in my mind it's more 'lady like' to bag grocery's than to abrasively shout 'welcome to urban' at everyone who walks through the doors )
-applying to college (next stop, kindergarten!)
-expanding my cultural horizons (i guess that just means going to museums)
-keeping my little house tidy (neat freak/borderline OCD
-blogginghgggg - thats important, wait, no, it's actually not important at all but i'm going to do it any way, there are far more things less important i do with ease on a daily basis
-worrying about my 17 year old sister, who i am trying to protect from a state away and it just doesnt seem to be working

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